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Before I start, this will review what is in this video, and I agree with the information.

FIRST NEVER BUY VIEW this is a horrible idea because Google knows everything.

THE SECOND NEVER DO is Begg for Subscribe, Likes, and click the Bell Icon because it turns off everyone.

Here are the ten to-dos for increasing your views on YouTube

  1. Make sure your video has optimized SEO
  2. Here is another big one. USE a Suitable Thumbnail. If you are looking for software to create Thumbnails, then please check this out CLICK HERE.
  3. Use Facebook because if you either love or hate it, Facebook is still the largest Social Media Network.
  4. Well, this one I am not all that sure about since Twitter is not my favorite. So use this with a grain of salt.
  5. Number FIVE is significant because you want a CALL TO ACTION without it you won’t sell anything because you are not asking for anything.
  6. Be Consistent, and this is a massive one. Consistency makes you watchable because people have habits.
  7. Make a blog that supports your channel.
  8. Set up an email newsletter.
  9. One of the best ways to get views for your video uses Google Adwords for Video why remember that Google owns YouTube.
  10. Create a Trailer for your Channel and keep the trailer in around one minute. You don’t want to bore the visitor, so they fall asleep at their computer.

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