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Did you notice how dark it became last night during the blood moon?

For those of you who saw it, it was an amazing, yet eerie sight. Seeing the moon turn blood red was something else.

But as we stood there in the dark, we had a huge realization. We realized that we have been keeping you in the dark about what we’ve been so excited about and losing sleep about for the past few weeks.

It’s time we removed the shadow… and brought you into the light…

As some of you know, over the past week weeks, we have been quietly working on a powerful new course that will allow you to earn $400 commissions when you refer others to it. (Plus $50 overrides.)

The course is amazing and will be a game-changer for all who go through it and put what they learn into action.

But little did everyone know that we were also working on a powerful way to launch it so that you can dramatically increase the number of NEW $100 and $400 commissions you can earn earn month, each week, or even daily.

Oh, did we mention that we’re also adding another powerful course on co-op marketing that will pay you $100 commissions as well?

(This is all on top of your current commissions, and the $400 commissions but the way.)

So here’s the deal…

We will be opening the doors to a brand new mini pre-launch that will run for just 2 weeks in May.

That’s right. Just 2 weeks. So clear your plates, dust off your keyboard, and put on your favorite motivational music because this bus is about to take everyone to Happy Town.

Please hang tight… Additional details will be coming soon.

In the meantime, RIGHT NOW is the time to boost up your marketing efforts and the number of leads you have coming in on a daily basis.

We’re talking about adding some nitrous or even pure 100% liquid rocket fuel to your marketing efforts in April. Pour it on and light the match.


Because each lead could be worth up to $500 plus monthly residuals with this new system we will be launching.

And dare we say that this is just the beginning for what we have planned for later this year?

Hang onto your seat belts, you’re gonna need them.

We are expecting to pay out some of the largest checks we have ever paid in June. Will your name be on one of them?

Get ready.

The time to prepare for the upcoming launch is now.

More soon…

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