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Welcome email for the Power Lead SystemYou say you want to contact your referrals that Joined the Power Lead System but don’t know what to send them?

Here is an email that you can use by to welcome your referrals that join the Power Lead System as a PLS customer or PLS Customer/Affiliate.

The below email is a sample of what could be used you may want to change it up a bit to give it your own flavor.


Subject: Welcome To The Power Lead System!

The Body of the Email:

Hi, this is {Your Name Here} and I am your sponsor for the Power Lead System.

I am so excited that you chose to be part of this wonderful opportunity and looking forward to use working together for the coming days, weeks, months and years!

You are probably still getting used to the system and finding your feet so I just wanted to welcome you to the team personally and let you know that you can contact me if you need any help or guidance!

To find out more about the Power Lead System I would encourage you to watch this video which gives a very good explanation.

Power Lead System

Here are my contact details below

Looking forward to hearing from you,






If you want to watch the video that is in the body of the email I have put it below:

Why is it so important to follow up with the referral?

  1. Shows a personal interest in the referral
  2. Builds credibility
  3. Shows that you are a real person
  4. Keeps the referral engaged especially if they contact you
  5. Makes you more money
  6. The attrition rate will be lower

Just remember it is very important for retention to contact each referral.

Hopefully that is helpful for you.