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I checked today at 6:51 am EDT and I noticed Bitcoin had reached a new high $3,205.00 that was mind blowing.

What will happen next?

I expect it to drop a bit for awhile and then start on the rise again. Profit takers will get their profits out and watch the drop and then buy again when it drops down. With such large swings in value and understanding the trends you could make some serious coin.

I feel that the peak above $3,000 and if I am correct will drop to below $3,000 in the next few of days and then will begin to rise again in about another week or so but if the trend continues, a $4,000 Bitcoin may not be to far off. That’s where people in the know make money.

If you do buy things with Bitcoin try to purchase around peaks when the coin is high but keep earning everyday.

Two ways to earn Bitcoin are:

  1. Mining crypto currency with something like Genesis Mining – CLICK HERE
  2. Crowd Funding Bitcoin with 1OB – CLICK HERE

I know so many today are nervous about getting into crypto but budget your money and time and then dive in I really do suggest 1Online Business since it has a low price point and could give you a decent income if you enjoy Crowd Funding. CLICK HERE

Plus Genesis Mining is just a steady earner for me I get a little bit of coin each day and it just continues to grow day by day. CLICK HERE

Jump in somewhere start reaping the benefits of having Crypto Currencies like Bitcoin.

Just finished this article and Bitcoin is at $3,155.25 per coin 7:37 am EDT Saturday August 5th, 2017.

Enjoy and keep watching the continuing saga of cryptocurrency dip your feet in now the water is just fine.