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CB Pro Ads has so many neat thing within it’s walls.

Below you will see just a few things that are found within the CB Pro Ads features.

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Clickbank Ad Rotator

  1. Contextual Ads
  2. iPhone Widget Ads
  3. Widget Ads
  4. Sliding Box Ads
  5. Sliding Image Ads
  6. Scrolling Ads
  7. List Image Ads
  8. Block Image Ads
  9. Carousel Ads
  10. Banner Ads

Clickbank Affiliate Storefronts

  1. ClickBank Affiliate Main Storefronts
  2. Clickbank Affiliate Niche Storefronts

Clickbank Storefront WordPress Plugins

  1. WordPress Plugin for Clickbank Main Storefronts
  2. WordPress Plugin for Niche Storefronts

There are a number of contextual banners and such like the below one that looks similar to a iPhone.

First an example of a contextual ad that offers Clickbank products.

Clickbank Affiliate Scripts

Then they have several versions of web stores that you can use – my favorite is Version #5.

Affiliate Main Storefront URLs (Version 1.0 – 5.0)

Version 5 – Newest version

Version 4

Version 3

Version 2

Version 1

Below are a few examples of Affiliate Niche Storefronts that you can use

Women’s eBook Store

Clickbank-Niche-Storefront-Womens eBook Store

Weight Loss

Six Pack Abs

Clickbank-Niche-Storefront-Six Pack Abs

Muscle Building

Clickbank-Niche-Storefront-Muscle Building

Keyword Spy Tools

Clickbank-Niche-Storefront-Keyword Spy Tools  



Day Trading

Clickbank-Niche-Storefront-Day Trading

Credit Repair

Clickbank-Niche-Storefront-Credit Repair

Colon Cleansing

Clickbank-Niche-Storefront-Colon Cleansing  

Body Detox

Clickbank-Niche-Storefront-Body Detox

Affiliate marketing

Clickbank-Niche-Storefront-Affiliate marketing

Acne Removal

Clickbank-Niche-Storefront-Acne Removal

ClickBank – One of the largest paying affiliate network system

If you are indeed looking for a money-making opportunity, that is simple and will help you sustain a great life, you have to check out the amazing earning potential that Clickbank products can offer you. The earning potential with Clickbank products is virtually limitless. Just imagine, 50 – 75 percent as commission on sales to all affiliates – Isn’t that amazing?

When you promote Clickbank products, you could be earning up to $75 on just one single sale. While the average commission of a Clickbank product is varied between $20 and $40, you could make TONS of Dollars every month, if you manage to sell 5-10 products a day!

Please check out the commissions offered by the major competitors of Clickbank and see why Clickbank is more lucrative than others.

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