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A lot of marketers do NOT like the idea of sitting on a webinar for an hour, covering a lot of information and trying to sell to several hundred people. In fact, it terrifies some people as much as getting up in front of a crowded room to speak.

But there is a way you can make terrific money from webinars without actually doing the webinars yourself. And there is no limit to how much you can make since you can do this multiple times and then add a twist that can literally double or possibly even triple your money. (We’ll cover this in a moment.)

It’s important to realize that by using this exact system, marketers have been making six-figure incomes for at least 15 years. In fact, most of the big marketers do this, as well as many smaller, part-time marketers just looking to make extra money.

The time investment is relatively small. In fact, you could spend 10 hours a week on this and do really, really well.

First, let’s give the basic outline of how this works: You’re going to need a responsive list of decent size. If you don’t have one yet, set this technique aside until you do because you won’t want to miss out on what is basically “free” money – that is, the money you earn for someone else’s efforts.

And if you don’t yet have a list, do not be discouraged. Learning this technique may be just what you need to finally start building that list of yours, and building it fast, too. Imagine if in the next two months you built a decent sized, responsive list. You could then begin using this system with great success.

And if you already have a list, you’re going to kick yourself for not having discovered this sooner, because you have lost a lot of money by not doing this.

Your primary job in this system is to have a responsive list. That’s it. Have a responsive list and your work is already 90% done. By responsive, we mean that you should be able to get at least 200 people on a webinar. The more the better, but 200 is an excellent starting point. Even 100 can be good, depending on the niche, but 200 is your initial goal.

[When the day comes that you can get 1,000 people on a live webinar, you will be pondering what to do with all your money 😉 ]

Alright, here’s the other 10% of what you’ll be doing:

Find other marketers who meet both of these criteria:

A) Have a product to sell with a nice fat affiliate commission. Not a $10 product – something that makes real money, like a $97 product, a $497 product, or a $50 a month membership.

NOTE: This has to be a product your list will want to buy – don’t try to sell gardening advice to hunters.

B) Do live webinars promoting their product.

There are tons of these folks out there, especially in the Internet marketing world. But regardless of what niche or niches you’re in, you’ll find them.

Contact them. Okay, I better tell you now – this is an EASY contact. You’re not asking them for a favor. Rather, you’re offering to do THEM a favor. YOU have the list. They have the product they want to sell. It’s a match made in heaven and most (9 out of 10) product owners who do webinars will jump on this.

So don’t be nervous or scared to contact them – they are eager to hear from you.

Tell them you can get “X” number of people on a webinar with them if they would like to promote their product. All you want? Is a 50% commission (or whatever you negotiate.)

Make a note here: This works best if the product is EVERGREEN. That is, the product is something that will sell today, six months from now, and even a year from now. This comes into play later, when you set out to double or even triple your profits.

Let the product owner know that you’re not thrilled about doing webinars yourself, so you’re just going to introduce him or her and then let them take over on the call. Frankly, most marketers who do webinars PREFER this anyway, since they don’t know you and don’t know if you’ll be an asset or a liability on the call. They would rather be on the call alone so they can control the entire process, from presentation to selling.

Your webinar partner will probably want to set the whole thing up, going through their GoToWebinar account. They’ll have control of the webinar, but they can hand control of it over to you remotely if you need that. And they’ll want to run the sign-ups through their system so they get the opt-ins.

That’s alright – don’t quibble about this because it’s part of why they’re doing it. Yes, they want to make the sales, but they also want the opt-ins – that’s why they so quickly say ‘yes.’
Have them set up the product so that you are the affiliate. They will then give out your affiliate link at the end of the webinar. Usually, it’s a page that says, “Exclusive offer for YOURNAME’s subscribers.”

Once this is set up, you mail your list and give them the time of the webinar, along with why they should be there. Odds are your partner already has an email series to give you, but if not, remember to focus on what attendees will discover from being on the webinar. One BIG HUMONGOUS benefit works best, but several smaller ones can be as effective.

Be sure to email your list several times, because the more who attend, the better for you. Yes, it’s okay to pester your list – remember, they are getting FREE VALUABLE INFO from the webinar.

Which brings up a point – never partner with someone who will spend the entire webinar selling. If you do, you’ll just piss off your list and they won’t attend any of your webinars in the future. Instead, make sure your partner is giving away VALUABLE information that your list can use. This way even if they don’t buy the product, they are happy they were on the webinar and you look like a star. Plus they’re much more likely to attend the next webinar as well.

When it’s time for the webinar, get on early. Welcome your guests if you like. Then introduce your partner. Odds are your partner will have something already written out for you to say. Yes, you might be nervous, but all you have to do is make the introduction and you’re basically done.

Then you can just sit back and listen to the webinar. Do not leave the webinar, just in case your partner asks you a question. Odds are they won’t, but it’s good to be ready if you’re needed.
Your partner does the webinar, gives the sales pitch for the product, directs them to your affiliate page, and you both make money.
Nice, right?

But this is only half the story.

Yes, there’s more. Remember when we said you could double or perhaps even triple what you make on the live webinars? Here’s how you do it:

Each time you do one of these webinars, you’re going to upload the webinars and then promote the replays through your autoresponder series.

If you’re clever, you can use the fancy software that makes it look like a live webinar. Or you can simply put the replay up on a page of its own, with a buy button. Make sure you really sell the viewer on WHY they should watch the webinar.

Then advertise the webinars any way you choose, but especially through email to your readers.

Anyone new who comes to your list will be offered the replays, one by one. And anyone already on your list can be offered the replays as well. Just because they weren’t interested or didn’t have time to watch the webinar in June doesn’t mean they won’t be interested in October. Many times it is simply a matter of timing – making the webinar available when the time is right for them.

You can even use these webinars to further build your list. Offer them via squeeze pages – a person opts in to watch the webinar. Some new subscribers will buy the product, which means you have a self-liquidating list building system even if you’re buying traffic.

There are so many variations on this, that you’ll find it’s easy to list build AND make money AND build relationships with product owners in your niche all at the same time.

Speaking of relationships – you invite Fred to do a webinar to your list. It goes well and Fred is happy. A month later Fred contacts you and says he’s got a new product with a new webinar – are you interested? That’s right – it doesn’t take long before product owners are contacting YOU and asking if they can do a free webinar to your list.

Want to make even MORE money?

List build in multiple niches. There is no reason why you can’t – for example – list build in the Internet Marketing niche, the dating niche and the weight loss niche simultaneously.

This way you can have three times the number of webinars going on at once, and three times the number of replays, too. And again, all you’re really doing is list building. You’re not creating products, you’re not creating the sales funnels and you’re not holding webinars. What you are doing is making some serious money and some terrific contacts in the business.

Here’s a little side benefit of doing this – remember, all you do on these webinars is make the introduction. But after awhile, when you’ve done enough of these introductions and listened to enough of these webinars, a funny thing happens: You get over your fear.

You start realizing that YOU can do a webinar yourself. When the time comes that you create your own product, you can now sell your product via webinar to your own list and to anyone else’s list for that matter.

And when you’re selling to other people’s lists via webinar, you are also simultaneously list building. Remember when your partner set up the webinar so they would capture the opt-ins? Now YOU can set up the webinars you hold with list owners and capture THEIR opt-ins.

When you do this, you’ll not only get the email addresses of everyone who shows up to the webinar – you’ll also get the email addresses of those who sign up but don’t show up, which tends to be double the number of attendees.

So if you got 300 people to show, you probably had 600 sign up.

That’s 600 people added to your email list practically overnight. Do this once a week and that’s 30,000 new people on your list EVERY YEAR with very little effort on your part.
Do you see how powerful this will be?

But don’t worry, you’re not going to be holding your own webinars for a while. For now, just focus on getting a good, responsive list, and setting up these partnerships. That’s all you have to do for now. The rest will come as you gain more and more confidence and experience.

Talk about the perfect business for a new marketer.

I don’t know if you realize the power of this system or the potential, but it’s huge. Like we alluded to in the beginning, marketers have been making terrific money from this for at least the last 15 years.

And we don’t just mean big time marketers.

Even little ones have astonished themselves with how easy this is to do and how profitable it can be.

So don’t wait. If you have a list already, congrats, you are 90% of the way there. Now start contacting product owners who do webinars.

If you don’t have a list – seriously, what are you waiting for? Get list building NOW and in a couple of months you can be sending out emails to your list promoting your latest webinar.

Don’t wait.

Don’t put this off.

Figure out what your first step is and get started today.

You’ll be thrilled you did.