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Have you noticed that more often than not a significant percentage of your customers will not USE your products?

Some of your customers will buy almost every product you create, and they don’t use your well-written products.

As you scratch your head, you wonder what are you doing wrong?

You are not doing anything wrong.

For a few people, by buying a product that would be enough for them. It is all an emotional response since they feel like they have taken a step on their journey to losing weight or making money, and become satisfied just by buying the product. Some may think they will use the product at a later time. They feel that they will get to it in the future when they have time.

But they don’t. Then you advertise another new product, and the same customer buys that one, too, even though the customer hadn’t used the first product they purchased.

Now if you offer personal help as a bonus to a product of yours, you most likely will not become overwhelmed by request. Approximately 80-95% of your customers won’t ask you for your help.

Emotionally by the act of purchasing the customer feels good and if they buy upsells that makes them feel even better. The customer is convinced that if they start the journey of using your product, they will get the results you promise, and that is enough for them the day that they purchase the product.

By selling the ideal scenario about such things as losing the weight, making money, etc., the more your customers will buy. And while you would like to help every customer with your products, it merely isn’t going to happen.

You offer great value in your products, and what people do with those products is up to them, not you.

Take their money and smile. What the customer does, or doesn’t do with the product isn’t something you can control.