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What if…?

What if all you had to do was ask people a simple question and invite them to this training and it helped build you a full-time income?

What if this very video that helps create productive affiliate marketers also was part of an automated selling system that made you money just by having you get people to it?

This is a virtual business in a box. And affiliate marketers are always looking for a better mousetrap.

Always build your audience.

Step one is to learn funnels by using proven funnels and follow the model. Don’t break what isn’t broken.

Funnel Anatomy

  1. Offers that capture leads
  2. Sales presentations 24/7
  3. Clones itself
  4. Trains and retains buyers
  5. Upgrades and scales the sale

Simplicity Mastered

  1. Review funnel
  2. Buy
  3. Clone funnel
  4. Funnel trains
  5. Funnel replicates results

A smart funnel



  1. Commit to a daily action
  2. Commit to daily Facebook engagement
  3. Commit to quality conversions daily
  4. Commit to daily Facebook posting
  5. Commit to adding ten new people daily to Facebook
  6. Commit to daily email broadcasting an email to your list
  7. Commit to daily update video
  8. Commit to PLS EVENTS the online training like the video below

Are you open to a simple way to make money online?

You don’t have to get it right; you just have to get it going!

Watch the video now.

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