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I was talking to a friend the other day. He runs these monthly gratitude gatherings, where people come and talk about gratitude and how it improves their lives.

He generally only has 4 to 8 people in attendance each month.

It’s a better program than I just made it sound, but here’s a funny thing: When I suggested getting more people to show up for these monthly meetings, he shot me down.

“It’s not my job to sell this to people,” he said.


I know he wants to help people with these meetings, so I asked if he wouldn’t want to help MORE people.

Nope. “If I can help just one person to have a better life, that’s what it’s all about, right?”

It was like talking to an alien. Why wouldn’t he want to help ten people or 100 people or 10,000 people if he could?

Why the fatalistic thought that he should be happy if he helps just one?

If 100 people were drowning, would he save just one and then quit for the day? By his logic, yes.

Anyway, my friend is a nice guy. He’s just not too bright about some things.

Since he chose to do these gatherings, it is indeed his ‘job’ to convey the benefits of attendance. No one is going to figure it out through osmosis.

And as marketers, it is our job to help as many people as possible, too.

Just because you are ‘selling’ something does NOT mean you get to take a break. If your product helps people – and I’m sure it does, or you wouldn’t be promoting it – then it’s your job to tell the WORLD or at least everyone in your niche.

And it’s your job to put forth the best possible effort to convey the benefits of using your product. Tell the story of how it will change their life for the better. Acknowledge that they’ve tried things before that didn’t work. Explain why this one is different. Take away all of the risks with an irrefutable guarantee. And be the person who makes a positive difference in their lives.

People out there are drowning in their problems. You have the solution to at least one of those problems. And it’s your job to get your answer in their hands. You’re on a mission. So get busy.