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One of the most common rookie mistakes for beginners is using a link straight from a vendor that offers affiliate links.

Why? Because at times people don’t want to give you money for sending them to a product to buy, the link looks long and ugly, and cloaked links convert better.

Here is an affiliate link straight from ClickBank. It looks like this: This link goes directly to a Webinar Replay Room. Now here is the link using ClickerVolt If you were looking at this product to buy, which link would you rather click?

These sites will cloak links for you. All the links below are free to use no cost involved.

Some of these sites may refuse your affiliate program like I know can refuse to cloak a link since it had happened to me when I was using them to cloak some of my affiliate links.

Some social media sites will not accept some cloak sites, and sites like Google Adwords most likely will not take them.

WordPress Plugins:

ThirstyAffiliates Affiliate Link Manager
ClickerVolt – I use ClickerVolt and it works well for my WordPress site. Plus it looks neat that you have as an example your-website/ClickerVolt