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Affordable Book/Website Illustrations

If you’re a self-publishing author, or you simply want illustrations for your website or pdf, check out this site.

Any illustrations you commission come with full rights, meaning they cannot be reused by the artists and you do not have to ask permission to reuse them yourself.

This means your illustrations can pull double duty, not only making your book more valuable but also appearing on other merchandise you sell.

Illustrations start at just $45 each with $0 royalties and no hidden costs. And the examples are gorgeous.

How to Add Original Artistic Images to Your Site for Free

Use the Google Arts and Culture app to turn your photos into works of art. A new feature called, “Art Transfer” that lets you apply various art styles to your own photos have been added to the app.

To use the Art Transfer feature:

  • Open the Google Arts and Culture app
  • Tap the Camera icon in the bottom-center
  • Click Art Transfer
  • Either take a new photo or choose one from your current photos
  • Choose an art style to apply to your photo.

For example, that landscape photo you took could become a bold, swirling Vincent van Gogh-like painting.

Email Marketing: Doing THIS Reduces Reply Rates by 40%

According to SalesLoft, explicitly referencing Coronavirus or COVID-19 in the subject line of an email creates a 40% reduction in reply rates. Their suggestion: Be human, don’t lead with Coronavirus, acknowledge the situation, and then get to the point.

Secondly, things are changing fast. What worked last month might not work this month, so continually be testing and adapt your approach as necessary.


TubeBuddy is a free browser extension that integrates into YouTube to help run your channel easily. I use TubeBuddy it helps with so many tasks. This is a great resource if you use YouTube in any way.

Click Here for TubeBuddy

4 Reverse Image Search Apps

Have you ever needed to identify a picture or an item? These apps let you upload an image to search instead of entering text.

CamFind – take a picture, upload the image, and CamFind identifies the object. Phone app

Google Lens – Google’s visual search engine analyzes the image and gives you a link to the Google image search page in the results. Phone app

Photo Sherlock – upload the image, optionally crop the image to focus on the main element, then let the app fetch your results. Phone app

TinEye – this is an online tool, so you’ll need to download a dedicated app. Search an image by URL or by sharing a file. You can sort the results by best match, most changed, biggest image, newest or oldest.

Open Source, Public Domain, and CC Resources: great images I use this site quite a bit.

YouTube Audio is an amazing site which I use more than Pexels

Audio Editor: For a free audio editor as far as I am concerned this is one of the best.

Icons and Emojis: Open source emojis.
Icon some may require attribution.

Font commercial fonts free to use no hitches.