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How to Upgrade Your Podcast Sound Without Going Broke

When you’re ready to upgrade your podcast recording equipment from using your smartphone to something better, I’ve got a couple of tips for you.

It’s fine to start your podcast using your phone, and in fact, I recommend it.

Why invest money before you know whether or not you’ll even like podcasting?

But once you’ve got a few shows under your belt and you’re building an audience, here are the tools I personally recommend, and they won’t break your piggy bank, either.

Rode NT-USB Mini Microphone. These microphones are affordable only from $99-$125, and they’re flexible.

You can attach many of them to the same PC or Mac whether you want to record interviews with live guests, well, pandemic permitting, of course. Use the Rode software to add even more flexibility.

Rode Rodecaster Mixing Desk for Podcasters.

This fully-featured mixing desk allows you to connect several external microphones, not USB, but the industry-standard XLR type.

You also have the option to bring on live callers on the phone or via Skype. For example, there are several Hot-Keys to allow you to play jingles and more.

Check out the features on their website at

And that’s it.

You probably thought I would recommend a whole bunch of stuff, but one of the beautiful things about podcasting is its simplicity.

You don’t need a ton of equipment as you do for videos such as lighting, cameras, sound, and so forth.

It’s just the audio, and these days high-quality audio equipment is truly affordable.