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This video will discuss Marketing Persuasion 2.0, 10 Scientifically Proven Ways to Sell More Stuff With Less Effort. Part #2

Section 3 will give us the answer to, Why talk only about positive People. Then in section 4, we will find out, How to Beat Persuasion Backfire

3: Here’s Why You Only Talk About the ‘Yes’ People

In any situation, some people say yes and people who say no.

For example, in a campaign to promote recycling, talking about the percentage of people who DON’T recycle will make others jump on board. Instead, they’re going to use the people who don’t recycle to validate why they don’t need to do it, either.

Another example: Talking about how many people don’t have their own part-time business and instead rely on their job for all of their income will not induce readers to buy your work at home program.

How do we know this?

Public service announcements that reference the number of people who pollute, litter, don’t recycle, and so forth have nearly no positive impact on the problem. And in some cases, these campaigns have made the problem they’re targeting worse.

For example, a campaign that talks about how people produced more litter last year than ever before or a campaign that talks about the number of people who didn’t vote in the previous election will result in more trash and fewer voters this year.

But if you can show the majority of good people taking the action you seek, while the few outliers are offered in a negative light, you can see a tremendous spike in compliance.

Let’s say you want to encourage people to take a particular action, such as subscribing to your newsletter, and you’re sending traffic from a specific website to your squeeze page. If you can say that most readers of that website who come to your page subscribe to your newsletter, it will almost certainly improve your conversions. Conversely, if you were to mention that only 20% sign up and what a shame it is for those that don’t, it not only won’t help conversions, it will most likely hurt them.

4: Here’s How to Beat Persuasion Backfire

Here’s a weird fact – subconsciously, we’ll do stuff to make ourselves average.

Hey, you don’t want to be too bright or too stupid, or the other kids will pick on you, right? This stuff is ingrained into our minds when we are young, and we never get over it.

What happens if a scientist monitors your power usage and then gives you a report card and tells you that you use LESS power more than average?

If you’re like the people in the study, you will start using MORE power. That’s the bad news. The good news is people who were using more power will now begin to use less energy.

We need to be average, and this can work against you in your business, unless:

Unless you praise those, who are doing better than average.

Do you have customers who spend more than others, engage more than others, refer more business to you than others?

Then when you tell them they are above average, be sure to PRAISE them for it.

Those in the power study who were using less power than average and received a smiley face on their report card continued to use less energy. And those who didn’t get a smiley face started using more power.

And I know how crazy this sounds – one little smiley face made all the difference? Yup, it sure did.

Praise your top performers, so they continue to be top performers. And if possible, do it in a way that shows others they will get praise, too, when they join the ranks of your elite followers.

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