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$27,383 From Your Webinar Sign-Up Page

Michael Rozbruch sells a CPA training program for $1500.

To get people interested in his product launch for his training program, he used a webinar.

Three thousand people signed up for that launch webinar, and here is where it gets interesting.

His thank you page for signing up for the webinar included an offer for a press release template for $197.

Of those who signed up for the free training, 139 customers took advantage of the offer, netting Michael $27,383.

What can you offer on your webinar thank you page for instant profits?

And could you reinvest that money to increase traffic to your webinar sign up page, getting more people onto your webinar and buy your big-ticket product?

If you would like to know how Michael faired with his launch, here’s what happened:

He sent out 11 follow up emails before the event.

That sounds like a lot, but these were spread out over as much as three weeks, depending on how early someone signed up.

Thanks to all the reminder emails, 1,093 people attended the webinar live, and the launch brought in $402,693 in sales for the training program.

How many emails do you send out before your webinars?

People forget they’ve signed up, or they forget why they signed up.

They need reminders, and it’s your job to send out those emails and keep them excited and interested in your webinars.