Mark your calendars!

Our new prelaunch begins on May 5th that provides you with an incredible “double-edge sword” opportunity:

1. Our new course

Our new marketing course discloses how people just like you are absolutely crushing it on Facebook – especially since the recent changes that have happened over the past few weeks.

We’re in the midst of another gold rush – and the great news is that VERY few people even know about it!

Now understand that EVERYTHING regarding Facebook marketing has changed recently. What used to work a few weeks ago is now a “gone with the wind” tactic.

This new course is up-to-the-minute as far as what is working today, and is packed with dozens of pure “how to” videos showing ALL…

Plus you’ll have access to over a dozen never-before-seen video interviews from people like you who are earning $1K to $50K+ per month using Facebook marketing on the side.

And as a bonus, you’ll be provided with multiple ways to earn hundreds to thousands per month, marketing affiliate offers, CPA offers, selling leads, all the way to earning four-figures per month selling tee-shirts on Facebook of all things!

This is hands-down the most highly anticipated, up-to-date, most powerful, no-stone-unturned Facebook marketing course for 2014.

And best of all, this course will be kept up-to-date so you’ll feel confident knowing that you always have the most relevant Facebook marketing information, tactics, and strategies on the planet.

There’s no doubt this will be a business game-changer for you and your team.

2. $400 commissions + $50 overrides

During the prelaunch you can drive traffic to the brand new landing page that we’ll release on May 5th. Each and every lead you generate could mean $400 in your pocket – not to mention $50 overrides from our 2nd tier.

This launch is going to move FAST. So you will have a very limited time to market.

Also note that this launch is a one-time opportunity to pre-build a massive list of prospects interested in the new course as well as the Power Lead System.

This is going to be epic.

On your marks. Get set….


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