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Think of this example if a bakery has a beautiful fancy small cake that sells for say abut $30 now put the word Wedding along with that cake and the price could be now over $100.

What is the difference? Only the word WEDDING was added and punched the price up.

When you are selling marketing courses, don’t just say dental, chiropractor, accountant, design, etc. but add something that gives value, and you can do that by adding the word MARKETING such as Dental Marketing, Design Marketing, ChirobracticMaketing, etc. But you may need to change a bit within your course, but probably about 95% of the content may stay the same.

Now once you have added that one added trigger word you could charge upwards of 3 times the original value of your course.

Now think of adding a word that my up the price of your product. Remember A/B Testing to make sure you are using the magic word to boost your prices.

Why not give it a try?