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Yes advertising is usually a tough call but what is $7.00 to try a different traffic source. That’s like getting a coffee at Starbucks.

Comes down to this try different sources of traffic some work some don’t but I am recommending you try this inexpensive source of traffic today since you can’t beat the price.

Let’s face it, every business, individual, entrepreneur, even brick and mortars need traffic.

Without it, they fail and go broke

But all traffic isn’t created equal. So true

Now enter in Leased Ad Space they will deliver your ads on thousands of pages all over the internet.

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This is an explanation about the great compensation plan that Leased Ad Space has (LeasedAdSpace).

The AdBoard listing index is one of our most active pages on LeasedAdSpace next to the home page. The AdBoard really highlights the activity and traffic that we have on their site, and it’s free to use for ALL members. Even brand new referrals are given 10 credits to use for posting on the AdBoards.