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Helpful Tips in Avoiding Spam when Sending Email Campaigns with the Power Lead System


  1. To give you the best deliverable rate to email addresses use a domain name as an example
    NOTE: Avoid using an email address that uses public addresses like gmail, hotmail, outlook, or other public services. They will drop the number of emails going into an inbox and increase the numbers into the spam box.
  2. Make clickable text in the body of your email such as Click Here etc.
  3. Avoid using all uppercase charters and absolutely don’t use multiple exclamation points.
  4. Are you using a share code for the Power Lead System that has attached a campaign and some of theĀ  emails are going into the spam box then copy the campaign by clicking here: (see red arrow below)When you have copied the campaign then rewrite the emails that are problematic. When done with the rewrites then don’t forget to attach your new campaign to the shared funnel.
  5. IMPORTANT: Test each email when you have edited your email. (use a gmail account to test since it has spam filters)
  6. If the above isn’t enough then watch the top video for more emailing editing tips.