This information is designed to give you a systematic Daily Plan of Action to drive your business forward with little or no more confusion or guess work.

This information is designed to you to create an income and is also related to the use of the Power Lead System which is a All In One Marketing System.

The following written material below the video encapsulates what is in the video. I encourage you to watch this video all the way through.

Some Assumptions:

  1. You are working on building your Facebook audience. You can do that with the Endless Free Leads training by Max Steingart that is included with your Power Lead System Gold Membership. ALWAYS BE BUILDING AN AUDIENCE!
  2. When you attract new contacts engage with them they will review your information. As I talk to people if they are not a friend I will check them out and if I find something objectionable I will not friend that person.
    WHAT KIND OF CONTENT ARE YOU POSTING? Many people want to just spam or post things that will make people just leave your wall or post.
    Focus on value, fun content, things that are inspiring, educate and make people happy.
  3. You re building an email list by purchasing traffic into your funnel. (Udimi is a good resource.  Get $5.00 discount on registration of Udimi.)
  4. Send daily emails to your email list to have them follow you on Facebook (My Facebook link, to get to your presentation pages and hangout/webinar pages also to subscribe to your YouTube Channel (My YouTube Channel so they can watch your videos.

The First Step

Understanding the Success Protocol

Success Protocol:

  1. Get in
  2. Get all in
  3. Get traffic
  4. Get to the Hangouts – Wednesday Night:  — Thursday Night:
  5. Train your team to do the same thing.

Share the Message:

  1. Freedom and Lifestyle
  2. Liberty and Free Enterprise
  3. Cash Flow
  4. How to start your own Business
  5. Free Training

Content Marketing:

  1. Do a Daily Shout Out
  2. Transmissions on a Daily Basis
  3. Write a Blog Daily
  4. Email Daily
  5. and Do Social Media Daily

Social Media:

  1. Post and Engage in All the Social Media Platforms You Belong to…
  2. Facebook
  3. Twitter
  4. Instagram
  5. Use Lead Capture Pages and Funnel Pages in Comments and Replies (Use caution so that you don’t spam)

Advertising and Getting Traffic

  1. Get Traffic on Monday
  2. Do Solo Ads on Wednesday
  3. Send out Post Cards either automatically or manually
  4. Take a percentage every payday and reinvest that into your business

The Sales Process:

  1. Generate Leads
  2. Do Presentations
  3. Follow Up on the Leads
  4. Close the Lead
  5. Get Started
  6. Promote to the Webinars / Hangouts



You can share information and do daily posts so as to raise awareness and to educate your market about this simple way to make money online.

Be Consistent by posting daily, buying traffic as your budget allows either monthly, weekly or dare I say daily.

FOLLOW UP with prospects and invite them to a free training, information sessions or videos.

Content you can use for a topic to write about

  1. Discussing the Economy or Jobs verse Own Business
  2. Free Enterprise & Financial Independence
  3. Having a solid “Plan B”
  4. “Retirement” solutions. Passive Income
  5. Weight Loss/Health & Wellness
  6. Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrency + $$$ Education

Where to get good content

  1. GET BOOKS! Readers are leaders
  2. GET PODCASTS! So convenient
  4. GET VIDEOS: Subscribe YouTube Channels
  7. ZERO EXCUSES for not having ENDLESS, High Value Content to share with your market!


  1. Commit to daily action
  2. Commit to daily Facebook engagement
  3. Commit to QUALITY CONVERSATIONS daily
  4. Commit to daily Facebook posting
  5. Commit to adding 10 new people daily FB
  6. Commit to daily email broadcast
  7. Commit to daily update video
  8. Commit to Power Lead System Events (online & offline)

You don’t have to get it right, you just have to get it going!

Also in the Power Lead System back office you will find amazing resources and training. Plus this information.

Discover how to easily live the life of your dreams by giving away something very valuable for free!

In the eBook “Road Map to Freedom” You will learn the following:

  • Step 1 – Overview of the Power Lead System
  • Step 2 – How To Easily Earn A Lucrative Income
  • Step 3 – Foundation
  • Step 4 – Huge Value of Sales & Information Funnels
  • Step 5 – How To Promote Our System
  • Step 6 – How To Virtually Guarantee Your Success

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