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By Using a Demo Video, You can Increase Lead Acquisition by 481%.

One service company raised its price a heart-stopping 600% overnight. Everything was going well after the launch, but they needed to pick up the pace.

What they did was to record a 20-minute demo video then made a “Watch 20-min Demo” button that directed them to their home page.

The company was happy that they received a 481% increase in qualified leads and with a close rate of 70% with these leads when they were able to talk to them on the phone.

You may not sell a service, but would it be possible to do a demo video that could increase your sales?

For example, if you’re selling a course on how to get traffic, you could have a demo video of just one of your methods.

It gives your prospects an idea of what’s inside the course and how it can help them, which is why a lot of course-selling websites allow prospects to sample classes for free.

For that matter, if you sell something like PLR, why not give your prospects an example or two of the actual PLR right on the sales page?

By offering your prospects demos of your products or services, you’re likely to increase sales, sometimes dramatically.

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, then a demo might just be worth a 1,000 versions of you telling your prospects what a great product or service you have, rather than showing them how good it truly is.

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