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Matt offers a physical copy of his book for free if the new customer pays for shipping and subscribes to a $1 trial of a $47 monthly continuity program.

When Matt set up his squeeze page, he was in a hurry. He recorded a short video of himself talking about the book offer, but he omitted using an ecover. The conversion was at 26%, and it wasn’t paying for itself. In fact, for each new subscriber, he was paying about $2.00 out of his pocket.

The continuity program is a good one, and he was making a profit overall, but he wanted to get the initial offer to pay for itself so that he could ramp up his advertising.

He tried a few things, which increased conversion a percentage point or two. But then he finally added an ecover right above the opt-in form.

Conversions increased.

Then he went a step further, recorded a new video in which he holds a copy of his book, and replaced the old video.

Conversions have now increased by 50%.

Never underestimate the importance of pictures in general and ecovers in particular. Whatever it is that you’re offering; a book, a report, software, etc., display a picture of it for prospects to salivate over. Or better yet, hold it in your hand to make it even more real and more desirable for the prospect.

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