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You’ve created an offer, and you’ve submitted it to ClickBank.

The problem is, ClickBank is telling you to decrease the price, and you don’t need to.

Worse yet, you propose selling the same product on some other platform at your authentic charge.

What must you do?

If you offer the product in a single region at $50, and any other area at $100 and those discover, they could get irritated. Affiliates might not be too happy, both.

ClickBank says that if, after eight weeks of suitable sales and coffee rate backs, they’ll permit you to improve the charge.

Here’s what you would possibly do to make all people satisfied:

Offer variations of your product. The higher-priced product receives something more significant, like coaching calls or videos that are not included in the lower-priced version.

And so, Ta-da!

You can now sell at both locations with two one price, maintain a good relationship with ClickBank, keep customers and affiliates smiling, and all is perfect.

One more aspect: This can be the shape of A/B testing for the price. And it is entirely feasible you’ll make MORE MONEY at a lower price than the higher price. Only time will tell the results.