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What is content marketing?

Creating for your blog content, articles and posts.

Marketing Routine:

  • Facebook
  • Traffic to Funnels
  • Content Marketing (Blog Marketing)

When you create content for your blog you must create VALUE for your blog.

Provide targeted news, updates, breaking developments, videos, documentaries that help you share your message about your business.

Make a daily blog post then share that post with your email list then share the post on all your social media and in your article make sure you have embedded links that lead people to your lead capture pages, funnel pages and marketing material.

Note: Add at a maximum of three links per article that you are writing. Too many links makes it too overwhelming and makes the article less targeted.

A great tool is the Power Lead System that helps you collect leads for whatever you are selling.

Execution List:

1. Create daily blog post
2. Research and find stories and videos
3. Share with email list
4. Share on social media
5. Embed your promotions and links within your posts
6. Stay consistent
7. Follow up and connect

Follow the above to get your content marketing off to a good start and you will begin to get leads and sales.

Watch the following video since it will help you with your content marketing.