ConversioBot has announced that they are updating their software with three huge features.

3 Major Updates

#1 and #2 are being launched in JULY, 2020.

#1 ConversioBot only worked on websites but now they announced that the software can be used and id completely compatible with Facebook Messenger. PLUS we can use ConversionBot fo Facebook business pages.

#2 ConversioBot Introduces WhatsApp Bots. What this means is that you can use AI Bot tech within your WhatsApp business number.

The pluses for the above two updates is that you have the ability to create more leads, increase sales, get more bookings by automation, automate customer service, and so much more.

#3 I have been using ConvesioBot for a while now and I found a major weakness in the software. Tha lack of a human handover for clients/customers that want more information immediately. The initial engagement with a prospect or customer will be through the Bot and they could be asked a series of questions and if the prospect qualifies then the bot would hand over the conversation to a live human for a live chat. This feature is being launched in AUGUST, 2020.

This is a groundbreaking feature, LIVE chat with humans to push your conversions even higher.

Curious to see ConversionBot IN ACTION?

Notice that on the bottom left of this page you will see a picture of a woman, click the image and follow the thread.

AI chatbot

Watch the Demo for ConversioBot

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Step 1: Move your mouse toward the address bar.

artificial intelligence

Step 2: A popup will appear.


Step 3: Click “Get Instant 25% discount”.

Coupon Cabin

Step 4: Finish your order since you now have your 25% discount added to your order. Code: carly25

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Daily coupon codes 10% off these are probably canned and you would be offered the code regardless of when you buy:

    • mondayonly
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Can’t change the code? Watch this video.

The ConversioBot chatbot was made for those who want:

  • Create an email list
  • Grow sales with one line of code
  • Push-button tech that’s newbie-friendly
  • Will work with any website
  • No special skills or training needed
  • No need to outsource or have extra employees
  • ConversioBot has added 10 Done-For-You “AI” Chat Templates in the software
  • Data you need to know how things are going
  • Includes FULL Commercial License With PRO Version

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