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If you’re in the internet and online marketing niche, then I’ve got three words for you that increase sales – sometimes as much as doubling sales.

There are a LOT of new people entering the online marketing realm every day of the week. They come seeking ways to make money from their computer. Maybe they want to quit their job, maybe they want to strike it rich, or maybe it’s just a hobby. Doesn’t matter.

More and more, what these new marketers seem to be looking for and buying are ‘done for you’ types of products.

For example, a complete sales funnel in a box. You give them the squeeze page, the lead magnet, the sales page, the main product which might be a video, ebook or software, thank you pages, affiliate pages, email follow up sequence and graphics. Yes, it sounds like a lot, but you can outsource the whole thing.

The key here is that you are offering a done for you package that the buyer can upload to hosting, change a few links for their own list and payments, and they’re live.

These packages are great learning tools for the new marketers, and they’ll make some sales, too.

You could outsource the creation of a funnel for $500 or more and keep selling it until you realize at least a $1,000 profit. Rinse and repeat.

If it’s selling well, affiliates will jump on board and promote it, too.

New marketers love anything that’s ‘done for you.’

Hopefully by now you’ve caught on to the three words that can increase and even double your sales. If not, go back and reread this article – those three words are mentioned no less than three times.