To get Easy Sketch Pro 3 you would from their website pay your hard earned money.

I am going to give you a link so you can download your own copy for the HIGH PRICE OF $0.00 that’s right no cost to you at all ZERO.

Easy Sketch Pro  3 is a piece of Software that lets you create doodle videos on the fly. White Board animations.

You simply enter your text, select the images from the library or you can add you own images then drop in some background music and then hit Build!

The ESP 3 software will now export your video into video formats that you need.

Use Easy Sketch Pro 3 software tool in promoting your own offers, such as those an affiliate would use to promote products and build videos for local clients. The possibilities are endless!


  • Add your autoresponder: Aweber, Getresponse, Mailchimp, Sendreach, Campaign Monitor
  • Add your webinar registration form from GoTo Webinar
  • URL redirects with calls to action
  • Follow me on Facebook
  • Follow me on twitter
  • Add & display youtube videos in your video
  • Add & display vimeo videos in your video
  • Soundcloud – Play mp3’s in your videos
  • Tap to call – have leads phone you directly from the video

How you can customize the behavior:

  • Choose from over 500 icons at present – will add the sketch ones when we get them
  • Choose size of hotspot
  • Choose color
  • Choose time you want it to be visible
  • Choose position on video that you want it
  • Choose Force capture or not – (Video will not play again until person has clicked on hotspot)
  • Choose text

You will be able to display your Interactive ESP videos here:

  • On the URL the software provides
  • In Facebook tabs
  • In Facebook news-feeds
  • On any site that will accept an embed code that the software provides

Plus much much more like…

  • Full analytics of anyone who views your video – from the country they visited from to the interaction with the hotspots (too many features to list
  • Branding of individual videos – add your own logo
  • Add your own tracking code on individual videos – FB re-targeting, Google analytics etc


Training Video for Easy Sketch Pro 3

Video Analytics

Video Display Choice

Unique Branding Options

Unique Features

Tap To Call

Social Media Integration



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