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Your fortune is in the Follow up: This strategy will help you create steady cash flow online writing just one email per day.

What content to email your list?

  1. Invite to Facebook
  2. Invite to call you
  3. Updates & News
  4. Invites to training

Provide daily Value to your email list and then be accessible.

Consistency: You need to be committed to sending a daily email.

When you do send an email everyday it becomes like your daily talk show so broadcast your message everyday.

In your emails invite the subscriber to follow you on Facebook and to call you for help. Send a Quick but important invite you have to remember that to let them know that you are there and want to personally help them to get results.

Execution List:

  1. Create daily email broadcast
  2. Always invite to your Facebook page and use your Phone number
  3. Invite to connect with you
  4. Invite to your funnel and hangouts
  5. Invite to training/conference calls etc.
  6. Stay consistent

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