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Gardening your eMail List

If you have ever grown a garden, you will know there is a right way and a wrong way to have healthy plants. A healthy plant needs loving care and attention to give you beautiful flowers.

Your email list is very similar to gardening. You need to nurture the list, give it some food and loving care, but how can you garden your email list?

Develop a relationship with your email list.

In the first email, you send information to your subscriber about yourself and thank them for subscribing.

As you build your list, make sure you give the subscriber value, as an example provide them with something that benefits them for subscribing to your list. An example would be a report, ebook of some sort, or some killer resources.

Next, you would want to use a testimonial about the product you are sharing with them. This would give a story about how the person used the product and became successful.

Now hit them up with information about the product, an affiliate product, or your product.

When you continue with your emails, give the subscriber more benefits that they receive from using the product.

Offer subscriber something; if you get the product, I will send you a report or offer them a bonus to purchase the product.

Education is important, so you need to share information about the product about three times before you go on to another product.

Rinse and Repeat do the same for other products you will be promoting in your emails and campaigns.

You should have at least seven emails about the product but not more than about 20 since they may become bored.

You want to create more emails so you can keep in contact with your list. Since you have the email, then you should keep up giving good value in your emails past the initial set of emails you set up because you want to provide yourself with authority, and when you have something to promote, the subscriber will want the product and buy from you.

Tips for the emails you are going to create.

  1. The email isn’t all about you since you need to focus on what the subscriber wants
  2. The subject line is so important! You need to capture the attention of the reader here, and if you don’t, the subscriber will not even open the email
  3. Make the email content explain “What is in it for them,” personalize the email
  4. Don’t use words that have obscure meanings or are challenging to understand. You want to keep your emails simple to read and understand
  5. Never forget to have a CALL TO ACTION

Give your eMail garden love and care, and it will be beautifully profitable for the rest of your days.

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