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This is the Getting Started Video found in the Power Lead System Back Office.

  1. Get in –
  2. Get all in
  3. Get Traffic – Udimi is a good choice for Solo Ads
  4. Get to the Training Hangouts

Forbidden Information:

Your Daily Plan

Wednesday Night Overview Hangout Only Share Code:

Share Code: 185166-PLShangout


Sales Funnel: “Hangout for the Power Lead System


  1. PLS Hangouts – bryan
  2. PLS Hangouts – 2nd page
  3. PLS Hangouts – 3rd page
  4. PLS Hangouts – 4th page
  5. Power Lead System Google Hangout (Capture Page)


  1. Set up a domain or subdomain within your PLS systemHow to Setup a Domain:
    How to Setup a Domain

    Watch the How to Video on setting up SubDomains:

    Create a Subdomain
  2. Install the Share CodeHow to Add a Share Code:
    How to add a share code in the Power Lead System
  3. Now your “Manage Website” and select your domain or subdomain
  4. Link that domain or subdomain to the SALES FUNNEL: “Hangout for the Power Lead System”

Share Code for the Wednesday and Thursday Hangouts:

Wednesday Night Power Lead System Hangout Pages


Thursday Night Advanced Marketing Hangout Pages

And Now the Share Codes

Personal License:

Team License:

The share code is in the downloadable Text files.

Enjoy the share code.

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