You’re driving through strange new lands to a destination you’ve never seen. Sometimes you go for miles without seeing anything that indicates you’re even on the right road. Then finally, a sign appears, telling you that your destination is up ahead. If you’re like most people, when you see this sign, you immediately relax. You feel better because you’ve been reassured that you’re traveling in the right direction, and your reward is close.

If you think of the internet as a system of highways and roads and your prospects as people in their cars trying to navigate to your product download page, it’s easy to see we need to place signs along the way that reassure them they’re headed in the right direction.

It’s all about flow. Maintaining this flow throughout your entire sales funnel will increase your conversions by reassuring your prospects they are on the right path.

Think of the last time you read an email that offered a gift you really wanted, only to click over to the squeeze page and find an entirely different headline. Disconcerting, right? You don’t even know if you’re in the right place.

Or you read an article talking about the great benefit of having a particular product, only to click over to the sales page and find an entirely different benefit being extolled in the headline. Is this the same product? Are you even on the right page?

When the next step in the funnel – whatever that step might be – seems to have no connection whatsoever with what you were promised on the previous page, it stops you dead in your tracks. You think twice before continuing forward, and more often than not, you close the page rather than try to figure out what the heck is going on.

It’s not the customer’s job to be a detective and investigate if the product on the page they’re on does what the last page said it would.

I know affiliates mean well when they make this mistake. They think that digging deep into a product to find another big benefit that isn’t advertised on the sales page will cause more people to buy the product. But instead, it just confuses the heck out of them.

Here’s how to never confuse your prospects: Copy and paste the actual headline from the sales page into your email, your blog post, or ad or whatever you’re using to drive people to the sales page.

Make sure you include that line in every message your prospect sees until they reach the sales page.

It doesn’t have to be the main headline on your pages, but it does need to be there, and it should be highly visible to everyone. For example, if the product’s headline is “How to Build a List of 2,000 in 48 Hours,” and you want to send an email talking about how this system drives super targeted traffic, you might write…

My Eureka Moment: This Will Drive Massive Traffic My Website

I just bought John Smith’s new product, “How to Build a List of 2,000 in 48 Hours,” and halfway in, I realized this method could be used to drive targeted traffic to ANY page you choose, not just a squeeze page. That’s right – you can send traffic straight to your sales page, your Facebook Group Page, or anyplace you like and then do a lead capture on exit for those who don’t sign up or purchase right away.

Talk more about it, then remind them to… Check out “How to Build a List of 2,000 in 48 Hours.”

You’ve talked about your favorite benefit, but you’ve also made it super clear what they should expect to see when they hit the sales page, thereby reassuring them they are in the right place.

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