How to set up a domain and sub-domains for the Power Lead System:

One of the great things about the Power Lead System is that you can set up a domain and Sub-domains so the Power Lead System will act like a hosting platform where you can set up web pages using a domain or sub-domains.

Setting up a Domain.

Login and click the button that says ‘Add Your Domain’:


The easy way is to set up your unique Domain Name within the Power Lead System Back Office.

The Advanced User Method see the information “Transfer My Domain” right below this section.


You need to check the boxes to continue. There is a yearly fee each year to own a domain. The domain name to propagate may take up to 48 hours. Click “Charge My Credit Card Now!” when done.




A Domain You have at another registrar other than the Power Lead System:

Transfer My Domain:

Watch the Below Video for Instructions.

Go to your Registrar’s ‘Host Records’ area for your Domain.

For the ‘A (Address)‘, referred to also as ‘A (Host)‘ or ‘A (Record)‘, enter this IP address in the text box:

Critical: To make sure your Sub-Domains work properly, when ‘pasting’ in, you must be sure it is being set up as a ‘Wildcard‘. For example, in GoDaddy, you’ll need to paste for both the ‘@’ sign, as well as the asterisk. For other registrars, paste into the asterisk field as opposed to the ‘WWW’ field. Be sure to watch the video above. (Also, your Registrar’s technical support will understand the term ‘Wildcard’.)

Skipping the Wildcard setting and doing this for www only will result in a failure message.

Setting up a Sub-domain Please Watch the Below Video:

Watch the below video on how to set up sub-domains:

UPDATE: To create your sub-domains, hover over ‘Websites’, hover over
‘Domains/Sub-domains’, and CLICK on ‘Manage Sub-domains’.

– – – – – – –

Domain Suggestions UPDATE:

1) www.withcoach[yourfirstname].com
2) 1) www.withcoach[yourlastname].com

Remember:  Never add a ‘www’ to a sub-domain

Hopefully this information was helpful.


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