Aweber is an excellent autoresponder system that is highly regarded as the best.

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The Power Lead System has great deal of flexibility in creating and managing sales Funnels, Lead Capture pages and more.

So mixing the two together is a very good idea. Plus you have backups of you lists in both places. Genius.

How do you use Aweber with the Power Lead System?


Question: “I have an Aweber Account and I sure would like the Contact Information of Prospects opting into this System to also be added to Aweber.”

Yes, you can do that right here! If you created one or more pages in our “Create Lead Capture Pages” feature, then entering your Aweber “Unique List ID” here will automatically convert all of those Lead Capture Opt In forms to go to both your Aweber Account and your Contact Manager here. “Some” of the Opt In forms on our Library Webpages will also auto-convert. We are working on making them all work with Aweber. How will you know which will work? Fill out the Opt In form, then log into your Aweber Account and see if it shows.

Question: “Can I simply drop my Aweber Opt In form right onto one of these webpages?”

You can, but unless we control the Opt In form, the Prospect will end up at Aweber and have no way to come back here to be entered into your Contact Manager. Click here to go to “Create Sales Page”. Choose “Blank Sales Page” and drop your Aweber Opt In form there.

Question: “Will turning on Aweber make my Opt In forms look any different?”

When you enter your AWeber “Unique List ID”, all Opt In forms with our System will appear unchanged, but the Prospects who enter their information will now go into BOTH your AWeber Account as well as our Contact Manager.

Question: “Can I continue to have my selected Autoresponder Email Campaign sent out to all Contacts as well as an Aweber Campaign that I set up at Aweber?”

You can, but it may confuse the Contact. We recommend that you make sure that you only send an Autoresponder Email Campaign from AWeber OR our System.

Question: I notice below that it says “Default”. What does that mean?

You can set individual Domains/Sub-domains to use different Aweber Unique List IDs. Any Domains/Sub-domains not specifically set will use this “Default” Aweber Unique List ID.

Your Aweber “Unique List ID” is NOT your Aweber “Username”.  A “Unique List ID” is what you called your Aweber Opt In form when you created it over at You might have named it something like ‘bestlist1401571’. If you created 10 Aweber Opt In forms, you’ll have 10 “Unique List IDs”. Pick your favorite “Unique List ID” and enter it here.

setting aweber

Watch this video for a visual of how to do this:

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