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One day a person was walking down a street, and walked past someone carrying a bag with the sentiment, “Believe, Achieve, Succeed,” written on it. He thought it was for a school or an academy in the area. But it struck him that those are three outstanding simple core principals that we should be instilling in our young folk these days.

All too often, we see posts and memes on social media sites extolling how the youth of today expect things to be given to them or that they are in some way entitled. Here is a school emphasizing three simple principals:

Believe in yourself

Achieve for yourself

Succeed for yourself

He was compelled to wonder does this ethos carry on through into the curriculum they teach? How do the teachers at that school teach that ethos each day, or is it just a throwaway platitude, printed on bags and sweatshirts to make parents think, “Oh isn’t that school good?”

As entrepreneurs, we live and work to those principals, when we step away from the old corporate rat race and start our own business we believe in ourselves, as we build up our business we are achieving for ourselves, and finally, when it all works, we have succeeded for ourselves.

So, the real question is, why aren’t we teaching our children how to be entrepreneurs, how to think freely and imagine the same? How to fly away from the traditional and embrace new self-built futures? Why are so many generations graduating into adulthood with a view that they are deserving of something when the basic building blocks of entrepreneurs are right there printed on media in the very schools they are attending and graduating from?

As Internet Marketers each day, we are looking for new products and services to add to our portfolios, we are looking for our next achievement, our future success, what can we do as part of those steps to maybe inspire those generations that are going to follow us. Our children, how can we show them that the entrepreneurial path puts the power of your life back into your hands? They and we were owed nothing, but we can build our future in any image that we chose to form it.

Those three simple words printed on a bag are three of the greatest lessons that our children and we as entrepreneurs can learn to live by:

Believe, Achieve, Succeed!

Nothing is ever handed to you, nothing that is, of any real personal worth.