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Caution: Will Your Opportunity Survive?

KashZpresso Flipbook Software with a Twist. Capture leads with this product. (review)


Free, Open Source, CC0, Trials, or Public Domain

Slazzer https://www.slazzer.com/ gives you 10 images to try out their service that removes the background from an image. It seems this could be a time saver. In my experience, if you have found that no background service or software does a perfect job of removing a background BUT they are a time saver from removing the background by hand.

Meshroom https://alicevision.org/#meshroom software that creates 3D objects from you taking a series of photos. So nice if you are into 3D. Open Source Software.

Olive Video Editor https://www.olivevideoeditor.org/ Olive is in alpha but rapidly advancing. They are putting together a professional editor. Open Source Software.

Library of Congress Film https://www.loc.gov/free-to-use/public-domain-films-from-the-national-film-registry/ Most are in the public domain so make sure you check first the status of the images/films.

Public Domain Review https://publicdomainreview.org/

Yale Center for British Art https://britishart.yale.edu/collections/search the majority is in the public domain. So check to make sure what you are using is in the public domain.

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strong>Sendiio is like the SWISS Army knife of autoresponders and allows you to tap into the three best marketing channels for online business. Email, Text, and FB Messenger., and more that you pay only once. The one time would be if you use your own SMTP from your server or hosting. But you can use a service like SMS from Amazon which is so inexpensive it is amazing. I have a Coupon Code Below which can save a tremendous amount. I tried it and the shopping cart went from $97 to about $38.80. BUT not sure how long this coupon code will be valid since I found it somewhere else but it did work for me and I saved almost $60. CLICK HERE FOR SENDIIO


Scribble has code for June coupon code for Sqribble an ebook and report creating software. This is an ebook creator studio. The price off is $40.20 the code is adeel2020


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https://www.olivevideoeditor.org/ Olive

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Not sure if this will work but https://groovepages.groovesell.com/a/n2YKYRFdOiLQ is a page to a very low lifetime product for GrooveDigital. I think they want $99 per month unless you have the link. This is a webinar page about the product and has a time limit on the link.

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