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Are you wanting to compress your videos?

One of the best compression open source programs out there is Handbrake and is a great tool if you are promoting on YouTube I have had videos compressed as much as 4 times so a 100 meg file down to about 25 meg but usually it compresses about half. There are times though a small video or one that has been highly compressed would have a larger file size but that is rare.

Even though the compression works really well I haven’t been able to tell the difference between the original file and the Handbrake file. Think this way a smaller file loads faster and streams better on slow internet connections.

The website for Handbrake is https://handbrake.fr/

Risky Business

Here are two mining options that may be ok but I would suggest research first before using them.

  1. Mineralt.io – Mine Monero this is strictly for webmasters you need s website to use the service. Basically you exploit the processor of your visitors to monetize your site. There is a javascript that is put on your site. It is suggested that you don’t push your visitors processor too hard so as to avoid over heating so try not going over 50% of the processor power. If you do you do it at your own risk.  You can give your visitors the option to do the mining on your site or to hide it completely. There is an affiliate program you would receive 5% from your referral’s earnings. No cost to you.
  2. Computta – Computta is an application that runs in the background of your computer so you can mine digital currency. You can control the amount of processor the program uses to mine. There is an affiliate program for your personal referrals you get 10% of what they mine on their computers and that can really add up if you have a large number of referrals. Cool. No cost to you ever.


Get an AltCoins by referring friends and get up to 31,530 coins. this is a new coin but they are giving it away.  Altcoin giveaway the site may be slow due to the traffic. Enjoy. Not sure how it will go but it’s free anyways so no loss in my opinion.

FuturoCoin lanuches January 7th, 2018 so get ready. I will be mining as soon as the contracts are released. I really like mining best of almost any type of business. It just feels safest.

For the Power Lead System Crew

Get ready to rock in January. January is traditionally one of the busiest months for Internet Marketing and with the Power Lead System you have one of the best tools to get your motor running.

The Master Traffic Institute is taking loads of time to get ready for January which means this area is a bit weak this week. Sorry, when the Traffic Master Institute has been finished then expect some really good stuff. Once the Master Traffic Institute has been finished I will be working on some new share codes. Looks like the release date should be mid January. I just finished the Sales Video today 🙂

The Master Traffic Institute website is coming along I am working on the Sales Video for the Sales Page which should be done sometime this week.

I have actually confirmed this with Franco this week and he should be back with the Wednesday & Thursday hangouts should be available at there regular times.

Wednesday Night Power Lead System Overview:

Thursday Night Training:

For a 7 Day Trial of the Power Lead System please visit:

Coming Soon: http://mti-coming-soon.powerleadsystem.info/

This weeks Lifestyle Gem

Traffic – Leased Ad Space. Watch the video.

Primary Link: Leased Ad Space

AdBoard Link: CLICK HERE

Direct Signup Page: Leased Ad Space

Primary Link: Leased Ad Space  • AdBoard Link: CLICK HERE • Direct Signup Page: Leased Ad Space

Please Visit:

The Power Lead System all in one marketing system – Product Hangout to show you what it is all about. CLICK HERE to watch the hangout replay. Live hangout is on Wednesday at 10:00 pm Eastern Time.

Link to the Power Lead Thursday Night Advanced Internet Marketing Hangout: CLICK HERE Thursdays at 10:00 pm Eastern Time.

Amazing tool for Video emails and newsletters along with webinar software Talk Fusion

Simple Freedom Academy a product by Franco Gonzalez has a Facebook group that is dedicated to Crypto where he gives advice on buys and sells that is well worth the price of his Simple Freedom Academy SFA also has extensive information on how to make an extra income from marketing.

FutureNet and FutureNetpro (same company) seems very stable and is making me some money. I didn’t do anything with them for about a year then looked at the stats I had signups that purchased things and so I lost out on commissions. Easy to use and a growing company.

Bryan Bracken

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