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Hello Everyone

So many wonder how I create Lead Capture pages, Sales Pages and unique pages for the Power Lead System.

The trick is I don’t always use the editor in the back office. I create the pages quite often off site. Using this software InstaBuilder 2.0. There are a number of amazing things that this plugin will do for you quickly and easily.

To use the software you will need a Blog where you can upload the PLUGIN to. Also your images will be stored on the blog instead of inside of the Power Lead System so decent web hosting (CLICK HERE FOR HOSTING coupon code: PLS25PERCENT 25% off code or HG9DOLLARS94CENTSOFF a dollar value off) for the blog would be needed.

There are some tricks though when copying the source code over to the Power Lead System. First you must have the page saved and published in your Blog then you will need to export the file out as: Save HTML (single file only) then open the file in notepad copy the code and then make a new page in the Power Lead System in Edit then click source code delete the code there cntl A then delete them paste the copied code from the notepad file cntl c and that is the basics.

There are a number of tweaks you will have to do before the page is functional but it you want to get all the information on how to use InstaBuilder 2.0 then purchase a copy from this link CLICK HERE to GET the Plugin for WordPress this way I can support those who use InstaBuilder 2.0 and explain to them how to use the software because there is time involved in giving out the information and there are some unique tricks to make the page work properly in PLS. And these tricks are crucial to the making the pages work properly within the PLS.

If you would like to have private tutoring I can supply that at only $70 per hour. Just let me know what you need and contact me using the Contact Page