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Welcome to this Newsletter

I am creating a new newsletter that will help the readers find the information they need to succeed in any business. I will share information to help you grow and design your new lifestyle.

Ask Yourself

In any business if you are playing around you will never make it big.

In following questions, if you answer no to any one of them then you will need to reevaluate what you are doing since you may end up wasting your time and energy.

Think about these three questions.

  1. Are you passionate about the niche you are in?
  2. Do you have the ability to create emails that add value to a persons life?
  3. Does the niche/product excite you?

I will starting January sending out Video Newsletters using Talk Fusion so signup.

Note: This is a double optin. Look in your email or spam box for the confirmation email.

Here is an test example of the newsletter.

For the Power Lead System Crew

Get ready to rock in January. January is traditionally one of the busiest months for Internet Marketing and with the Power Lead System you have one of the best tools to get your motor running.

The Master Traffic Institute is taking loads of time to get ready for January which means this area is a bit weak this week. Sorry, when the Traffic Master Institute has been finished then expect some really good stuff. Once the Master Traffic Institute has been finished I will be working on some new share codes.

The Master Traffic Institute website is coming along I am working on the Sales Video for the Sales Page which should be done sometime this week.

This week Franco should be back from vacation and the Wed & Thursday hangouts should be available at there regular times.

Wednesday Night Power Lead System Overview:

Thursday Night Training:

For a 7 Day Trial of the Power Lead System please visit:

Coming Soon:

This weeks Lifestyle Gem

Simple Freedom Academy a product by Franco Gonzalez has a Facebook group that is dedicated to Crypto where he gives advice on buys and sells that is well worth the price of his Simple Freedom Academy

SFA also has extensive information on how to make an extra income from marketing.

Please Visit:

The Power Lead System all in one marketing system – Product Hangout to show you what it is all about. CLICK HERE to watch the hangout replay. Live hangout is on Wednesday at 10:00 pm Eastern Time.

Link to the Power Lead Thursday Night Advanced Internet Marketing Hangout: CLICK HERE Thursdays at 10:00 pm Eastern Time.

Amazing tool for Video emails and newsletters along with webinar software Talk Fusion

FutureNet and FutureNetpro (same company) seems very stable and is making me some money. I didn’t do anything with them for about a year then looked at the stats I had signups that purchased things and so I lost out on commissions. Easy to use and a growing company.

Bryan Bracken – The UNOFFICIAL PLS Site