Amazing quote:

“In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity”
― Sun Tzu, A Arte da Guerra (Fits well with a Cryptocurrency Newsletter 🙂 )


Today Altcoins and Bitcoin are on a wild ride.

An example is Bitcoin can go up and down as much as $4,000 in just a few days. This can cause stress for many but profits if you know the ropes. I would highly suggest following someone who knows about cryptocurrency even so there may be times you will lose because of the volatility of crypto but that isn’t as often if you don’t know what you are doing.

Many experts continue to say that Bitcoin is in a bubble and even though that may be true if you know how to manage a bubble you can profit. Although the experts have been saying it is a bubble for a while now and a pin hasn’t popped it yet.

Simple Freedom Academy a product by Franco Gonzalez has a Facebook group that is dedicated to Crypto where he gives advice on buys and sells that is well worth the price of his Simple Freedom Academy

This could be a huge coming up. TokenPay

The Master Traffic Institute website is coming along I have 5 modules in it as we speak. The site is located at and if you want to access it will be in January 2018 and to be a member you need to purchase the product you will need to be a Power Lead System Member and when available click on the link in the back office. This product will crush it.

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Amazing tool for Video emails and newsletters along with webinar software Talk Fusion

FutureNet and FutureNetpro (same company) seems very stable and is making me some money. I didn’t do anything with them for about a year then looked at the stats I had signups that purchased things and so I lost out on commissions. Easy to use and a growing company.

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