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Some people would feel that making $200 per day is an amazing amount of money.

That is true but how do you get that amount of money.

By Writing content, silly. is the key they pay you per each word you write.

The amount you make for each word depends upon how they write your writing. The better you write the more you make.

The maximum you can make is five cents per word which equates to $50 on a 1,000 word article or $5.00 per 100 words. This is for an excellent writer ranked at five stars but if you only rank two stars you can still make .7 cents per work.

The key is to get the quality of your writing up to the highest level possible.

Here is a fast way to create content that you may not have though of that is by using Google Docs and a microphone (the quality isn’t as important as speaking clearly) if you have a Google account you have access to Google Docs.

I highly suggest you use Chrome for this secret hack to create content FAST! start a new document (blank).

Now go to the Tools tab on the navigation bar look for Voice Typing and click on it.

Now click on the microphone to speak the words.

This is how it looks when you write by speaking the odd dots at the end of the sentence is where the editor is adding in the next word.

That’s it very simple you can start today and there are many countries that you can write from including several languages other than English.

I hope you enjoyed this article.