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Twitter’s 2020 Marketing Calendar

Twitter published a marketing calendar for 2020, which shows all the significant events for the year. Twitter’s goal is to help marketers align their strategies and approaches with whatever event will happen (e.g., NFL Super Bowl, NBA Finals, National Selfie Day, etc.).

Canva Will Soon Have Video Editing Capabilities

Browser-based graphic editor Canva will soon launch Canva Video. As the name suggests, Canva Video is a new video editing software which is expected just to be as intuitive as their renowned photo editor.

Reddit Reports 30% Increase in Monthly Active Users

eclipsing Twitter and Pinterest. Last year, Reddit reported 330 million monthly active users (MAU) on its platform. This year, Reddit’s 2019 trend roundup reveals that number has grown by 30% – adding 100 million monthly users since 2018.

This significant growth means Reddit now claims more monthly users than Twitter (321 million) and Pinterest (322 million). After undergoing a massive site redesign last year, Reddit has reported an increase in page views and time spent on its website and app, along with user engagement growth.

Instant Lead Magnets and TripWires

Do you need a lead magnet or TripWire to give your prospects a free or low-cost way to try your product?

Pull out one chapter or one video of your full product and use that.

If they like what they read or see in the excerpt, they will be much more likely to purchase the full product.

For example: If you’re selling a 15-module video training course, pull out one video and offer it for free to get people to join your list. Follow up with providing them the rest of the course, possibly at a discount for new subscribers.

Or offer that one video for an unusually low price such as $9 and follow up by offering the entire course at a special price for a minimal time.

Forget Free, Try $0

Without giving away any names, I just saw a squeeze page (landing page) offering, “The 3 Secrets to ___” for just $0.

I don’t know why we don’t see $0 more often because it’s an interesting way to present the free concept. But does it work?

You might want to test it on your squeeze page and see if $0 converts better than ‘free’ – I know I’m going to try it.

Snapchatters are Using Snapchat While Shopping

Today’s consumers are turning to their phones at every touchpoint of the purchase process. Smartphones are the most used tool for sharing and gathering information on the path to purchase.

And Snapchatters are coming back over 30x a day, on average.

Snapchatters are using Snapchat while shopping…

  • 35% more than Twitter
  • 46% more than Instagram
  • 58% more than Facebook
  • 137% more than Youtube

Pinterest Publishes Top 100 Trends for 2020

Aptly called Pinterest 100, the list has its own dedicated mini-website covering ten major categories.

Google Announces Top Searches for 2019

Search this year’s trends for clues on what will still be hot in the coming months.