Mine Ethereum Online and Make Money 2021 Tutorial

The URLs mentioned in this video are https://minerstat.com this page is where you can download the miner to mine Ethereum just scroll a little down the page and you will see the downloads.

On this page https://minerstat.com/hardware/gpus/, you can see how profitable your GPU is and how much it will cost just enter the cost of your power and you will know your costs to run your graphics card when you mine Ethereum and more importantly how much you can make per day using your graphics card.

The video gives you all the steps you need to get started fast.

I will not be putting the links in for wallets but in the video, Franklin gives you a selection but I think wallets are a personal choice.

I know this is a short article but packed full of wow factor if you are wanting to learn how to mine cryptocurrency.

Enjoy this profitable tutorial.