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Hello Guys and Gals

Here is something that if you are just starting with the Power Lead System and have not used GoDaddy before here is an inexpensive way to get your first domain from them for a discount for the year.

MyCashFreebies You can get Godaddy Domains .com for the first year at a highly discounted rate. You just need to sign up and then get the discount. So nice. Plus dependent on the country you will get a load of offers. Just think of it a place to get discounts.

To use the system it is quick and easy to set up and you can get a great savings on products that you use.

Check it out MyCashFreebies

The details on the GoDaddy offer: – DOT COM Purchase

Get Your Presence on the Web with a DOT COM Domain! Blogger, gamer, sports fan, business owner… no matter what you call yourself, you need a web presence to share what you do with the world. Get started now for only $4.99 for your first year. It’s easy and fast!

Must be a NEW Customer to GoDaddy and you MUST NOT use a coupon code. Search for your available DOT COM (.com) domain name, and purchase through their shopping cart. This offer ONLY CREDITS with the purchase of a DOT COM domain name. It does NOT credit with the purchase of Web Builder, or any other type of domain name (such as .net, .us, .org, etc…) THIS IS NOT A TRIAL OFFER! You must not cancel your domain name, as this will result in revoked credits. This is a direct purchase of your own personal domain name. You MUST NOT USE PAYPAL to make your purchase. You must use a valid credit card only.