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As of January 1, 2019, all content published in 1923 has now been added to the public domain.

Believe it or not this is the first public domain added of copyrighted material in 20 years!

The reason we haven’t seen new public domain material in 20 years is because the copyright law changed in 1998, extending protections an additional 20 years. This basically paused new public domain material for two decades.

But now, on the first of each year, you will be able to use public domain material from 75 years prior as your own – including using it for profit.

For example, next year you can take works published in 1923 and sell them yourself, either in their original form or modified.

MMM, vintage recipe books for those who enjoy cooking plus a whole bevy of cool content that you can repackage and resell. Do you hear the words cha ching $$$.

Mind you, we’re not offering legal advice here. If you have any doubts, concerns or questions about this, do your own research and consult your own lawyer.