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PoweredClicks specializes in solo ads, with sole purpose of delivering quality leads.

Orders take 3-4 days to process and to begin. When the traffic starts it takes between 4 – 10 days for the traffic to be completely delivered.

In PowredClicks back office you can see the tracking. It is important to have an autoresponder to you optin page to build your list from leads driven to your page.

Traffic is generated from a combination of quality solo ads and private email traffic this gives you consistent targeted leads.

PoweredClicks generates it’s traffic from a combination of high quality solo ads and private email traffic, providing consistent, targeted leads.

Traffic isĀ  provided for opportunities related to online marketing, biz opp, and or online investing.

They provide a discount for first time buyers and if you are happy with the success you received then they will extend a 10% discount on second purchases of the same size or of lesser quantity. You would need to send the support team a receipt of your purchase from the initial order and they will gladly offer you an additional onetime 10% discount link to purchase from.

Since PoweredClicks is a service it does NOT offer any guarantees for the number of optins. Their priority is driving traffic targeted. But if your not optins are below 15-20% the suggestion is to email them with a different, tested, optin page.

Also if you use this service please let me know how well it worked for you.

Hopefully this will help you.

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