I love this quote:

“Don’t worry about people stealing your design work. Worry about the day they stop.” —Jeffrey Zeldman

And yes people have stolen my stuff may times over the years. LOL

Think of this: Don’t worry about making loads of money immediately because you may fail. Make attainable goals first. Make a goal of making a consistent $1 per day profit every day then make a goal of $5 per day then $10 per day  once you understand how to make $25 dollars a day profit consistently then the sky is the limit. When I talk about profit I MEAN NET so many fools say they are making $100 per day but are spending $200 per day so are in a net loss position.

Do this: Create a video a day for the next 30 day brand yourself and position yourself as a guru on a topic and then start making money.

If you are prolific and setting up videos think of the exposure to your product. Say you have 100 videos and in a month you get 10 visits to each video that is a thousand views and then you will get click thrus and dare I say you may get some sales also.

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For the Power Lead System Crew

This funnel is a complete Business in a Box.

In this share code you will find a LC page, Sales Page, Setup Page and a Review page, and small email campaign in a Share Code for the 1Online Business product.

You will need to make this funnel work 5 links/programs.

  1. 1Online Business – If you need the link to this product then Click Here
  2. Power Lead System (Gold Membership) – Need the link then here is the Direct Link Click Here
  3. Your Facebook page
  4. The picture of the girl at the bottom of the pages is linked to Enviralizer – If you need the link then Click Here. Only a $25 product onetime.
  5. Udimi – Solo ad directory – they have an affiliate program Click Here to become an affiliate or purchase Solo ads.

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Note: This funnel should not be copied for another program other than 1Online Business.

New Lead Capture Page Share Code Coming Next Week.

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Udimi – Great for traffic and get $5 discount after registration.

Explaindio as an option to create videos. The link is working this week.

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