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Are you a person who doesn’t want to work?

Laze around day after day while money flows in like water to a pond.

Don’t care about the doing anything and at a table can’t pull their hand from the bowl that has food in it to feed themselves.

What a useless way of life.

No purpose. No focus. No Life.

Hard work can give an immense amount of enjoyment. You see what you have accomplished and it is good. Then you can enjoy vacations and rest because you can afford to do it.

It is similar to Internet marketing so many Internet marketers are just plain lazy.

Yup it’s true.


They want you to do all the work for them and if there isn’t any success from the get go they jump to another opportunity thinking that it is the holy grail of easy living. If I did that I wouldn’t have made any money at all and would have been broke faster that you can say hello.

Although there are some systems that are easier to promote than others and easier to use then others.

Making money requires work whether it is from using Solo ads, advertising in another manner, being belly to belly talking with people, doing webinars, live seminars in a room. You will need to do research, understand that not all solo ads and advertising will work as well as you would like, webinars and seminars take hard work to set up and research the material you want to present at them and so on. But to be successful you need to do the work so get some chops and step out of your comfort zone and get busy. Suggestion if you are nervous about Solo Ads try small runs of 50 clicks per week and find the vendors that convert for you.

Get motivated. Do you think that hugely successful people sit back and wine and complain that they can’t make a dime? NO they don’t.

Just take for example Frank Calabro Jr., Ari Maccabi and I.M. Bigg these guys are tireless and push the limits they enjoy the hard work they do everyday. How do I know they are hard workers? Because I do work for them creating things like videos, funnel pages, sales pages, Lead Capture pages, Banners and much more. They are in the 1% of marketers because the WORK not LAZE about. They have researched and done their homework and if they were in School would be getting a A++ on their report card. D’s and E’s just don’t make it in this business.

Work Hard and Ejoy Life

Although they have built systems for you to use you still need to do your research to make money since you would still need to understand how to set up the Power Lead System plus understand how to advertise and not go broke because you didn’t do your research.

Make goals and try to reach them. A goal of $10 a day profit is $300 a month and for many people that could be life changing.

If you want to learn and work for your success and need help please don’t hesitate to ask. Join my team and get going. To join my team just join one of the opportunities or affiliate programs I am promoting. Then fill out the contact form and ask. And if you can’t fill out a form to ask for help because you are too lazy then sorry I cannot help you.

So get up off that couch and start doing something, anything is better than nothing.