How many feel that if you don’t make your first dollar during the first day or week that you are working your Online business that you are a failure?

The sad truth is that too many people are being told the wrong things to do in the Internet world. A big problem is the people selling the information you are purchasing don’t tell you everything that you need to know because they don’t want you to have the secrets that may have taken them years to learn and possibly thousands of dollars in cost.

Or the product or information may be good for 50 to 100 people but when thousands start using it the market becomes saturated.

Think of it this way how long has it taken for a successful business to become successful

It sometimes takes as much as five years of hard work and money for them to become successful.

So run your Online business like a business. You need to realize it takes time, money, and hard work to become successful.

The advantage of an Online business is that profitability can come much quicker than a traditional business.

Don’t think that you can become rich and work on the beach laying around and the money will just come. I know many six and seven income earners, and they are workaholics. So if you are truly lazy, you may by some fluke become wealthy but more often than not a lazy person complains that they are not making money because… Excuses.

Something else to rethink is a failure isn’t a failure; it is a learning experience. When you find something that doesn’t work, try something else. Start in a small way, and when you find something that works, then scale up.

Budget your time and money.


Start with small steps at the beginning because if you start large, your risk is great.

Watch a baby as they begin to walk, and as they grow, watch how they run. That is the same as you. The gurus say you will make large buckets of money right away within a few days or weeks, but they don’t tell you how many do.

Albeit some do, but I am satisfied in starting making a small amount each day, say $10, which doesn’t sound like much and is only about $300 a month but do that consistently every day when you are consistent, then start ramping up.


That sounds like work, and it is, so get over it do the work and reap the benefits.

Now, this is a big one Free advertising over Paid advertising.

One is like a Volkswagen Beetle, and the other is like a Tesla Roadster. Both will get you to your destination, but one will do it faster.

Free advertising has it’s place and does work, but it does take time, especially if you are too broke to do paid ad campaigns.

Paid traffic gets you instant gratification, but if your message is garbled, you could burn through your cash faster than a bonfire of a thousand, hundred dollar bills. That is why when purchasing traffic by solo ads, PPC, banner ads, and the like, you need to split test, track your results, and start slow. If you find something that works, then you scale up.

The perfect formula for paid traffic is to spend $1 and get $1.50 back anything less ok as long as if you spend $1 you get back $1.01, but I am sure you get the point.

A person can brag they made 1 million dollars, which on the surface sounds great, but the reality is it took $1.5 million to get 1 million dollars.

Be smart; take your time, and build a solid business.

One other failure of people is that they don’t need a business plan.

That is FALSE thinking make a business plan.

Never give up. Keep trying; don’t hop from shiny bobble to shiny bobble.

I could go on about this point, but then this would ebook will be hundreds of pages long.

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