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Strategy #2: Host a Virtual Summit

This is such an awesome business strategy for people with NO list and NO product.

Think of a virtual summit as a conference that takes place online. It requires very little overhead, isn’t complicated and you can drive traffic and sales quickly by leveraging other people’s lists.

First, you pick a topic. Examples are: How to market to your list, how to make the most of this self-quarantine, how to look and feel younger, how to improve your brain, how to start and run an online business, you get the idea.

Once you have your topic, you approach experts on the topic and ask them to participate. Each expert will be interviewed by you for approximately an hour on a certain aspect of the topic.

You create a landing page to collect email addresses and a sales page to sell the summit recordings.

People who sign up can access the recordings for free, but only for a short time. For example, if you have 15 experts, you might release 3 recordings each day for 5 days.

You might give your new subscribers 48 hours to listen to the calls before they disappear. And of course, you sell full lifetime access to the recordings for a price of $47 or $97.

At the end of each of the interviews, you allow the experts to offer one of their products to your listeners, preferably with a discount.

And all of your experts are expected to promote the summit to their list. You pay them a percentage of the lifetime access price, such as 50%. And you’re an affiliate for the product they promote at the end of each call, which again typically pays you 50%.

These percentages are negotiable. This is a great business model because you are very quickly building an active list of subscribers and making money, too. Talk about a win/win!

And you can continue to sell to your new subscribers. For example, if you’re a coach, you could sell coaching services to them, or other affiliate products, or anything else that directly relates to your initial topic.

Part 3 will be on 30 Day Challenges

Simple and you can do this EMPIRE