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We need your help…

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As we are prepare for our new product launch, we need a testimonial video from you.

Basically something short & sweet saying how the Power Lead System has helped you.

For example…

“Hi, I’m Jessica from Ohio. In my first 30 days using Power Lead System I was able to generate more than 20 highly qualified leads for my home business – and now leads are coming to me instead of me chasing them.”

“Hi, I’m Tom from Florida. Power Lead System taught me how to generate my own leads for my network marketing business online. I now have a steady flow of at least 15 people joining my business every single month and growing. Does this really work? You bet it does!.”

These are just examples… it can be ANY benefit you have experienced.

Just state your first name, where you’re from, and a short testimonial.

(please no more than 30 seconds)

Don’t worry about mistakes, or going over, as we can edit your video on our end.

We need your video by THIS Monday the 14th.

You can upload it to You Tube or anywhere we can access it through a link.

Send it to: ***@**** (expired)

And check this out…

We’ll be giving away a free $497 course which includes automatic qualification for $400 commissions to one random entry.

Your video (along with the others) will help you and everyone else make a lot more sales, so please get this to us by Monday.

Thank you!

To your success,

PLS Support

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