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The success plan is simple:

  1. Get in and get the Power Lead System as a Gold Member. Get “All In” Gold member and get the Diamond & Platinum upgrade products.

Part #1:

Get all in:

That means getting the Power Lead System and all upgrades:

  1. Get the Power Lead System – Gold Membership $52.97 per month. $30/month for the system and $23.97/month to be an affiliate.
  2. Get Diamond: $147.00 – Gold members can sell and earn commissions. $100 Commission and $25 overrides. Training about solo ads and co-ops and how you can save money on your advertising.
  3. Get Platinum: $497.00 – Gold members can sell and earn commissions. $400 and $50 overrides. This is a complete FB marketing course and a large video library of case studies.
  4. Master Traffic Institute: $1,497 – Gold members can sell and earn commisisons. $1,000.

Yes get all in and start earning today. CLICK HERE to start.

Yes, you are now all in. Watch the overview video to get more information.

Part #2: Tomorrow: Traffic

Part #3: Monday: Get to the Power Lead System Hangouts and Training.